You must be 18 years old or older

Your webcam must be live, video recordings and static photos are not allowed.

You MUST have a working microphone and COMMUNICATE with your visitors.

Posted photo must match the performer(s) in the broadcasting.

Purposely scamming users is strictly prohibited. You must honor your agreements with users when you receive the agreed amount of tokens. Models that engage in scamming behavior will have their tokens subtracted and disqualified from the contest. Multiple complaints from users will result in the ending of our collaboration.

Asking users for money for personal expenses, illness, or any other non-cam related activity is strictly prohibited

Posted photo must not include watermarks, texts, logos or any other artificial elements (unless it is a registered copyright and you are the rightful owner)

You are not allowed to advertise any other websites or spread spam

Cams without activity are prohibited. If you wish to take a walk or go to sleep please turn it off

You can't use more than 1 account during cam contests

The following kinds of action are strictly prohibited to broadcast:

It's prohibited to share with users.